After identifying your dream home, you will be required to get the finances to help you make the payment. Various financial institutions offer mortgages but if you do not know the best option for you, you may end up making the wrong choices.


United Mortgage Associates have been providing the services of a mortgage broker for many years. With this valuable experience, we will be able to secure your mortgage loan in 30 days or less! Our rates are the lowest in the market especially if your credit score is good.

Wondering what to do if your credit score is 550? Come to us and we will assist you to still get a mortgage. We do not leave the self-employed behind in the provision of mortgage broker services as well. Whenever you come to us, we will ensure that you get a mortgage based on your bank statement.


Matt Arbutina, who owns our company, works with the best team of underwriters who will help you to get the best deals whenever you need a mortgage. Immediately you contact us, we will connect you with the lender who will provide the best mortgage rates and one that will make the closing smoother and faster.


You do not have to worry about the legwork that involves getting your credit history, income verification, and any other documentation. As a mortgage broker, we will handle these tasks on your behalf and once we get the documentation ready, process the loan application on your behalf.

The Benefits of Using Our Mortgage Broker Services

The amount we charge for our services is minimal compared to the benefits you will get from using our services. We will take care of all the details including getting your credit status report, the verification process, and every other detail until you get to the closure, and for all this, we will charge a small fee.

You are afraid that with your bad credit record you cannot get a mortgage? We have a solution for you! We will work hard to connect you to a mortgage lender who will provide the financial aid you need to purchase your home. As a mortgage broker, we work closely with various mortgage lenders and this means we will get the right lender for you.

Are you self-employed and need a mortgage? We can handle your case as well. Even when others have turned you down, we will work together to ensure you get your mortgage approved. If you are afraid of approaching a mortgage lender, come to us. We will do this on your behalf just like we have helped others in the past to get their mortgages approved.

As a mortgage broker, we are not limited to one financial institution. We will help you to make the right choice based on your needs. If you need a mortgage at a lower rate, a variable or a fixed mortgage, we have numerous options for you. We will inform you of the pros and cons of each mortgage lender so that in the end, you will settle for the one that will fulfill your mortgage needs.

At United Mortgage Associates, we maintain a great working relationship with multiple lenders. You will not have to move from one lender to the other in an effort to learn how they operate as this information is available at our Cranberry Township offices. We will look into the requirements of each mortgage lender, know their interest rates, and with this information, settle for the best option.

United Mortgage Associates takes pride in getting your mortgage loan approved in the least possible time and have the closer happening really fast. Rather than walking from lender to lender, we have everything under one roof where you will make your comparison and settle for the mortgage lender with the best deal.

Our mortgage broker company takes special consideration for every client who comes to us requesting our services. You will be assigned one of our mortgage broker experts to help you through the purchasing process until you are able to successfully get to the closure. We will offer professional advice to help you make the right decision so that you get the best deal from the purchase.


Any time you come to us, we will carry on with the process in a transparent manner. There are no hidden fees and what you have been informed is the only amount you will pay. This can be proven as true by our numerous clients who have been able to secure mortgage loans using our mortgage broker services in the past.

As a mortgage broker, we have no affiliation with any mortgage lender and for this reason, we will offer unbiased services. We will tell you the truth about every lender and together, settle for the one with the best options. We know the interest rates, repayment period, and the products offered by each lender and this is why you need us.


When you come to United Mortgage Associates to get the services of a mortgage broker, we will have a credit check carried out. This credit check will be applicable for all the mortgage lenders that we will consider in getting you a mortgage loan. If you choose to approach individual lenders, you will be required to get a credit check by each of them which will take a lot of time and delay the processing of your mortgage.



If you need unbiased reviews about the available mortgage lenders, the best option is approaching an independent mortgage broker like United Mortgage Associates. We will analyze each lender, telling you the pros and cons of getting a mortgage from them until you are able to settle for the best.


You may think that working with a direct mortgage lender such as banks will save you the fees that will be charged by a mortgage broker, but in the end, it is you who will be losing. The loan officers in most financial institutions have only been coached on ways of selling their products to the customers. They will not know the cons of their mortgage loan and even if they did, they would not inform you as they want you to get the mortgage from them.


A low credit score may also deny you a mortgage when you approach lenders directly but if you come to us despite having a credit score of 550, we will work out something for you. We advise you to take advantage of our mortgage broker services so that you do not ruin your credit score when a financial institution denies you a loan facility.


We have access to a large number of lenders and our choice will guarantee you of getting a loan within a short period. If you have been frustrated in the past when seeking a mortgage loan, you do not have to undergo the same embarrassment again. We will connect you to a mortgage broker who will not let you down and one that will make the process faster.

If you are getting a mortgage for the first time, you will greatly benefit from our services as a mortgage broker. Will take up the complex tasks on your behalf and ensure that the process runs smoothly… and fast.



Talk to us today and let us look into your mortgage needs professionally, then come up with the best option. Our satisfaction is seeing that beautiful smile once you get your mortgage loan processed and complete the closing without any complications.

If you need to talk to Matt Arbutina, who owns our company, he will gladly do so and offer all the help that you need. Do not ruin your credit score or make wrong decisions when you can come to us at any time for mortgage broker services.


    Your satisfaction is our greatest joy and the reason why we keep our doors open whenever you need us. We are your trusted link to the best mortgage lenders!



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